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4 October 2009: New content added (22 new entries):
29 September 2009: New content added (26 new entries):
16 September 2009: New content added (21 new entries):
6 July 2009: New content added (14 entries):
  • Global Marketing Enhancement / PRESENTATIONS
    1. [EUROPE] 2008. International Wood Market Developments. Ed Pepke. Presentation. European Institute for Wood Preservation Congress. 4-6 September 2008, Lausanne, Switzerland. (pdf)
    2. [EUROPE] 2008. Global Trade of Wood and Paper Products. Ed Pepke. Presentation. Society of Wood Science and Technology Convention. 10-12 November 2008, Concepcion, Chile. (with supporting paper and data file) (pdf)
    3. [EUROPE] 2007. Evolutions recentes et a moyen terme de la Ressource forestiere et des Marches de bois denergie. Ed Pepke. Presentation. Journee Technique du Resineux. 26 October 2007, Rochefort, France. (pdf)
    4. [EUROPE] 2007. Mobilization of Wood Resources for Wood Products and Energy: Challenges for Sustainable Forest Management. Outcomes of UNECE/FAO and FAO Meetings. Ed Pepke and Sebastian Hetsch. Presentation. International Conference on Wood-based Bioenergy. LIGNA+Hannover, Germany, 17-18 May 2007. (pdf)
    5. [EUROPE] 2007. Today's and tomorrow's timber resources: Can we sustainably meet rising demand? Ed Pepke. Presentation. Wood Futures Conference. 8 November 2007, London. (pdf)
    6. [EUROPE] 2007. New European Wood Market: Shortage or Surplus? Ed. Pepke. Presentation. FEP General Assembly and European Parquet Congress. Malmo, Sweden, 8 June 2007. (pdf)
    7. [EUROPE] 2006. Forest Products Markets & Trade in the UNECE Region. Dr. Ed Pepke. Presentation. Forest Products Marketing—from Principles to Practice. Balkan Training Workshop, April 2006. (pdf)
    8. [EUROPE] 2005. Forest Products Market Interactions. Dr. Ed. Pepke. Presentation. Capacity Building in Sharing Forest and Market Information. Prague & Drtiny, Czech Republic, 25 October 2005. (pdf)
    9. [EUROPE] 2004. Hardwood Markets in 2003-2005. Ed Pepke. Presentation. American Hardwood Export Council 12th Annual Convention. Venice, Italy. 20-22 October 2004.(pdf)

    10. [OTHER] 2009. Global Trade of Wood Products. Ed Pepke. Presentation. International Flooring Conference. 26 March 2009, Changzhou, China (pdf)
    11. [OTHER] 2008. International Wood Energy Market Developments. Ed Pepke. Presentation. Modern Wood Energy Systems and Markets. 16-17 September 2008. Timisoara, Romania. (pdf)
    12. [OTHER] 2008. International Softwood Markets 2007-2009. Ed Pepke. Presentation. Interanational Softwood Conference. 16-17 October 2008. Helsinki, Finland (pdf)
    13. [OTHER] 2006. International Softwood Markets: 2005-2007. Overview of market trends through 2005. Forecasts for 2006 and 2007. Dr. Ed Pepke. Presenation. International Softwood Conference. Quebec, Canada, 19-20 October 2006. (pdf)
    14. [OTHER] 2005. Global Forest Products Market and Resource Trends. Presentation. Small Log Conference-Creating Capacity to Compete. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA. 1 April 2005. Dr. Ed Pepke. (pdf)
19 November 2008: New content added (approximately 50 entries):
18 November 2008: New content added (approximately 55 entries):
14 November 2008: New content added (approximately 24 entries):
13 November 2008: New content added (approximately 40 entries):
12 November 2008: New content added (approximately 30 entries):
21 October 2008: New content added:
  1. 2008. The Stolen Forests. Inside the Covert War on Illegal Logging. By Raffi Khatchadourian. The New Yorker. p 64-73, 6 Oct 2008 (pdf)
20 August 2008: New content added:
  1. 2007. An Overview of WWF GFTN Activities to improve Forest Management in Ghana. Abraham Baffoe, WWF-WARPO. Chatham House Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation, London, UK. 24-26 January 2007. (pdf)
  2. 2007. Addressing Conservation Community Concerns in Forest Management in West & Central Africa. Abraham Baffoe, Forest Programme Leader, WWF-WARPO. West and Central Africa Tropical Timber Investment Forum: Issues and Opportunities for Investment in Natural Tropical Forests: 28-30 August 2007, Accra, Ghana. (pdf)
24 July 2008: New content added:
  1. 2008. Russian sawlog and pulpwood prices fell 20 percent in 1Q 2008 as log expoort taxes reduced foriegn shipment, causing increased domestic supply. Press Release. Hakan Ekstrom. Wood Resources International. 8 May 2008.
  2. 2008. Global pulpwood prices reached new records in 1Q 2008, according to Wood Resouce Quarterly. Press Release. Hakan Ekstrom. Wood Resources International. 21 May 2008.
  3. 2008. Global trade of wood biomass has almost doubled in 5 years. Press Release. Hakan Ekstrom. Wood Resources International. 6 June 2008.
  4. 2008. Log costs in Finland among highest in the world in 1Q/08. Press Release. Hakan Ekstrom. Wood Resources International. 12 June 2008.
  5. 2008. Sawlog prices in Europe have grown faster than the world average the past 2 years. Press Release. Hakan Ekstrom. Wood Resources International. 2 July 2008.
17 March 2008: New content added:
2008.  Market benefits of chain of custody certification: perspectives of Japanese suppliers. Owari, T. and Y. Sawanobori.  Forest Resource Management and Mathematical Modelling 7:121-133 (pdf)
  1. Certification & Environment/ ARTICLES / Asia & the Pacific
31 January 2008: New content added:
2007. Forest product market information systems in the UNECE. L. Farquharson. August 2007. (pdf)
  1. Supply Chain/ ARTICLES / Others
  2. Supply Chain/ DATABASES / Others
  3. Global Marketing / ARTICLES / Others
  4. Global Marketing / DATABASES / Others
15 November 2007: New content added
  1. Added "Programs" Section to Certificate and Environment Forum.
  2. Added links to 3 programs in Certificate and Environment PROGRAMS Forum:
    • PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Council
    • SFI: The Sustainable Forestry Initiative
    • FSC: Forest Stewardship Council
9 November 2007: New content added
  1. Responsible Trade / ARTICLES / Asia & Pacific (Corruption...)
  2. Global Marketing / LINKS / Europe (EuroPortal)
  3. Responsible Trade / LINKS / Europe (EuroPortal)
  4. Certification & Environment / LINKS / Europe (EuroPortal)